The second day's running in the Silverstone A1GP test saw the French team top the running order as the fifteen teams got stuck in to understanding their cars and drivers on a day where the talking point for many was the reliability and lack of issues for the new cars.

The top times at the Silverstone National circuit was some seven tenths quicker than the best set on Wednesday by Team Great Britain, and the pace of driving across the board was also notable with the top ten runners within a second of each other.

After the Frecnh squad topping the timesheets in the UK the series moves to Paul Ricard for its next test outing. "The A1 car is nice and easy to drive, it has a good gearbox, the engine is great and the car is very reliable," said Team France driver Alex Premat in praise of the car. "We've worked on the car set up and dampers and it has responded well to the changes. I'm very pleased to have the fastest lap time of the session and I'm looking forward to driving again at Paul Ricard."

A1 Grand Prix founder, President, Chairman and ubermeister Sheikh Maktoum was smiling at the end of the two days at Silverstone. "I'm very satisfied with today's results," he said. "All the seat holders, drivers and engineers are happy with the way the car has performed over its first test session. The competitive spirit of the teams has emerged, while the unity of the Series has been retained. We are looking forward to the next test at Paul Ricard, and it should get more and more exciting as new teams join the series."

Top times - combined Morning and Afternoon sessions
1. France 48.183secs
2. Switzerland 48.408secs
3. Brazil 48.439secs
4. Malaysia 48.535secs
5. Pakistan 48.573secs
6. Great Britain 48.585secs
7. Netherlands 48.766secs
8. Portugal 48.835secs
9. New Zealand 49.088secs
10. South Africa 49.115secs
11. Australia 49.203secs
12. Mexico 49.226secs
13. USA 49.514secs
14. Lebanon 49.786secs
15. China 50.640secs



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