He's a man who has experience of almost every open-wheel racing category, including a brief interlude in Formula One with Jordan this season, so Trevor Carlin is certainly a well-placed man to offer his insight into the all-new A1GP 'World Cup of Motorsport.'

Crash.net caught up with Trevor down at Silverstone where the A1GP cars were being put through their paces, and his Carlin Motorsport squad were running the entries for Portugal and Lebanon.

"It's an exciting new concept, it's a spec formula with cars that are similar in performance to an F3000-type car it's good and it's attracting a real high quality of drivers, international names like Pedro Lamy, Jos Verstappen, Tomas Scheckter, it's good," Trevor told Crash.net Radio. "The cars are the same, the engines are the same, so it's really down to drivers, so it's bloody good."

As a team boss which all his experience, how did Carlin reckon everything had gone on the A1GP's first major test? "The great thing is the cars have run absolutely one hundred percent reliably," he said. "Ours have been perfect, and just looking up and down the pitlane I think that everyone else has as well so it's a testament to Lola and Zytek and A1GP to get the job done.

"There's a few little issues - they need to get a load more starter motors to make their life a lot easier," quipped Trevor of the single starter available at Silverstone, "but apart from that it's gone very smoothly so it's a great platform to work with as we can get on with the job straight away."

The Carlin squad are running the Team Lebanon and Team Portugal entries, as Carlin explains. "Portugal is an extension of our Formula BMW and Formula Three programmes, and the Lebanon entry is a new initiative trying to introduce motorsport to the middle east and it's a great programme, we've got two young lads with no experience who we're trying to train to be professional racing drivers and they're doing a good job considering what they've done in the past."

With such a diversity of driver experience in the field likely when the series gets underway at Brands Hatch at the end of September, how should this affect the actual racing on track?

"You've really got three tiers of drivers, you've got the real top class experienced professionals, you've got the young up and coming kids in the middle and you've got the inexperienced guys. Our guys realise they've got to take it easy and race with the people they can race with, so they're not going to go wheel to wheel with the superstars, they're just going to bide their time and learn their craft."

Overall, Carlin was well impressed with what he's seen so far. "I think they've done a great job, it's a pretty tough thing to get fifteen cars together and get all the logistics done and all the cars have run well, I'm very impressed."



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