Two days at the top of the timesheets in the A1 Grand Prix series' latest group test at Paul Ricard has gone some way to justifying Team USA's decision to run a selection of drivers in its build-up to the opening race next month.

Although Scott Speed took the freshly liveried American entry to the fastest time on both day one and two of the French session, fellow Red Bull Scholar Colin Fleming also enjoyed a stint behind the wheel on Thursday, with another of Danny Sullivan's prot?g?s, Matt Jaskol, due to take over on the third and final day. Jeff Simmons was among those to sample the car during the inaugural test at Silverstone earlier this month.

"Scott Speed and Colin Fleming have done an excellent job for A1 Team USA." seat holder Rick Weidinger commented, "and we look forward to the final test session tomorrow with Matt Jaskol taking the wheel for his first session in A1 Team USA's 'We the People' car.

"This operation is obligated to attract the best team to perform for their country on the track and in the garage and, judging by the first two days of testing, it looks like we are heading in the right direction. Following on from the unveiling of A1 Team USA's 'We the People' car, I am very pleased by the way that the racing team is operating. However, while A1 Team USA showed great consistency in France, we recognise that running fast times in testing is only the first step to winning hardware in the A1 GP Series."

Weidinger revealed that Team USA had been contacted by both experienced and aspiring US drivers interested in experiencing the challenge of the A1GP series since the operation announced its involvement, but would not confirm whether or not a decision had been made on the identity of the man behind the wheel for next month's Brands Hatch season opener.



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