The A1 Team Malaysia racing colours have been officially approved by A1 Grand Prix, meaning the team will compete in the nations traditional sporting colours for the first season of A1GP competition.

The car will be predominately yellow with a white engine cover and front wings with black speed lines and black front wing supports, with a number of other teams already running in the colours of Malaysia's national flag.

"Our selection of the traditional sporting colours of yellow with some black as worn by our national athletes and the soccer and hockey teams is an excellent idea," franchise holder Alex Yoong said. "Australia and the Netherlands have also taken the same route of using their sporting colours rather than the colours of their national flags - orange for Netherlands and green and gold for Australia."

Team principal Jack Cunningham was also delighted with the approval.

"We were reluctant to use blue and red on our car as there are so many participating teams with blue, red and white on their national flags - including Britain, USA, France, Australia and New Zealand," he said. "We have designed a colour scheme to stand out amongst the grid and the structures at a race meeting whilst being an excellent backdrop for our partners brand logos on the cars. I think it will work well.

"Our team clothing will also bear a close resemblance to the national team clothing of Malaysia's soccer team."



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