With renowned manager Willi Weber at the helm, Germany go into the inaugural A1 GP championship at Brands Hatch arguably one of the favourites for victory not only in Britain but possibly overall for the season.

Having long been a figurehead in motorsport, Germany are a nation expecting to succeed particularly as they have groomed talents such as Ralf Schumacher, Nick Heidfeld and of course Michael Schumacher in recent years.

Indeed Weber's claim to fame is his managing of the Schumacher brothers and hopes are high that he will be able to repeat that form when Timo Scheider and Adrian Sutil take to the track.

Having lost his drive for Opel in the DTM last year, Scheider has been driving for Maserati in the FIA GT Championship this year, although the single-seater A1 GP represents a new challenge for the 26 year-old.

"It is an incredible honour to represent such a large nation like Germany, with more than 80 million inhabitants, within the international motorsport community", Scheider said ahead of his debut at Brands Hatch.

F3 EuroSeries front runner Sutil reiterates Scheider's view about racing for your country rather than for yourself. "It is just as unusual as it is fascinating not to compete against a team mate but to compete together for a team that fights for the Cup", adds Sutil.

Run by the highly successful SuperNova GP2 team, the identical Lola chassis and Zytek engines are set to allow for very close racing and testing has immediately shown that the times set are certainly tight.

"The fantastic acceleration, the impressive braking power, and the wide tyres were a real experience", describes Sutil of his first impressions.

"It was great fun to get to know a completely new formula car with so much power which is even more extreme than everything that I have driven up till now", adds Scheider.

With Germany hosting the second round of the championship at the EuroSpeedway, Weber understands the importance of upholding national honour and is delighted to have been thrust into a managerial position.

"I have to admit that I was a little sceptical at the beginning," claims Weber. "However, having seen the series and its development with my own eyes during the tests I can honestly say that A1 Grand Prix is fantastic. I believe in this idea and am proud to be the A1 Team Germany team boss."

Scheider is expected to race first at Brands Hatch, with Sutil expected to take over at his next home round.



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