Despite qualifying in a lowly seventeenth place - a far cry from topping the times in the opening practice session on Friday - Scott Speed and Team USA reckon there's no problem and are cautiously optimistic for Sunday's races.

Speed set an aggregate time from his two fastest flying laps of the four sessions of 2min 33.317secs placing the American just ahead of the Indonesian and India entries.

The team, with franchise owner Rick Weidinger, acknowledged the difference from the practice sessions.

"We worked the car very well, and were able to accomplish a lot today" said Weidinger. "Higher qualifying would be great, but Sunday's race is all that counts. We've got some work to do, but I am encouraged by both Scott's attitude and our previous practice performances both yesterday, and last month at Paul Ricard, where we finished first. I was pretty confident we could achieve a lot of positive things today and I think we have. Sunday's race still looks very promising for A1 Team USA."

Speed himself was quick to defend the car. "On a track like this, with all the tips in evaluation there is always a chance that something could go wrong with the car," he said. "But we had no issues, other than typical adjustments you always need to make. The car is in good shape, we just need to tighten up our performance as a team on Sunday. I am confident that we can do just that and be very successful."

Weidinger said he was extremely proud of A1 Team USA's efforts during the qualifying sessions and in particular was encouraged by Speed's last lap of the qualifying which was his fastest.

"Given our last qualifying lap was our fastest of the day, I think we are moving in the right direction and I am looking forward to Sunday."



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