Race day warm-up times from the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport first race meeting of the year at Brands Hatch.

1.Portugal 1min 16.189secs
2.Mexico 1min 16.358secs
3.Italy 1min 16.668secs
4.USA 1min 16.712secs
5.Australia 1min 16.720secs
6.Germany 1min 16.896secs
7.Japan 1min 17.111secs
8.Great Britain 1min 17.155secs
9.France 1min 17.190secs
10.New Zealand 1min 17.451secs
11.Switzerland 1min 17.551secs
12.Netherlands 1min 17.679secs
13.Canada 1min 17.697secs
14.South Africa 1min 17.761secs
15.Malaysia 1min 18.028secs
16.Indonesia 1min 18.036secs
17.Ireland 1min 18.133secs
18.Czech Republic 1min 18.200secs
19.Brazil 1min 18.427secs
20.Pakistan 1min 18.463secs
21.India 1min 18.819secs
22.Austria 1min 19.287secs
23.Lebanon 1min 20.027secs
24.China 1min 20.156secs

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