The only squad at the inaugural A1 Grand Prix race meeting to opt to run different drivers in the two races, Team Malaysia came away from Brands Hatch with a strong fifth place on the board at the end of the main Feature race.

As teams all came to terms with the new format for the new series where up to three drivers can be nominated to be eligiable to drive for their country at the race meeting it was only Malaysia who had drivers Alex Young and Fairuz Fauzy on the books who went for the option of changing drivers in the brief period between the Sprint and the Feature race.

The Team's two best qualifying times, attained with former Formula One driver Alex Young at the wheel saw the squad in ninth place for the rolling start to the eighteen-lap Sprint race where Fairuz was doing the driving.

Coming through Paddock Hill Bend for the first time, Fauzy dropped to thirteenth place, a position he was to hold for the rest of a precessional race.

"I lost out at the start, losing momentum which pushed me back," explained Fairuz afterwards. "The car is good, but I had electronics problems on the dash, so I didn't know my lap times, and this made it difficult for me. On a positive note, I stayed on the track and brought the car home safely for the second race."

On driving duties for race two, the Feature race, was Young who used his experience well to pick his way through the field and the various incidents and safety car periods to an eventual fifth place. A strong first lap seeing the Malaysian car up to eighth, didn't hurt either.

"I'm pleased with this result," said Team Malaysia's team principal, Jack Cunningham. "We thought we were capable of a top five finish, and that's what we achieved today. Fairuz did a good job in the first race; we couldn't have done so well without the foundation that Fairuz set with the result of the first race.

"Alex continued that good work to put Team Malaysia in the top ten of the World Cup. Our pitstop was a bit slow and if we'd got that right we could have been on the podium, but it's the first race weekend. Overall: excellent work by Fairuz; outstanding work by Alex and a great team effort."



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