This weekend sees the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport in Germany for the second round of the series at EuroSpeedway in Lausitz and driving for home honour, A1 Team Germany's driver, Timo Scheider is confident that driving at home should prove a boost.

After a debut weekend that could have gone better for the German former DTM driver, this weekend sees the home race and having seen the reaction that Brit Robbie Kerr received at Brands Hatch, Scheider is hoping for some of the same at his home race.

"I am very happy to be driving in front of the German spectators and I am looking forward to the feeling when I see the German flags on the grandstands for the first time - it was a strange feeling at Brands Hatch when Robbie Kerr went out and all the home fans started waving their flags," explains Scheider. "I am sure it really is going to be very special."

It's also a track where the Team Germany driver can could on some previous experience.

"I have already driven at EuroSpeedway, Lausitz three times in DTM so that means I have a lot of experience at the track. For me it is going to be a very different story compared to Brands Hatch as there, first of all, I had to learn the track. Everything was very new for me - the Team, the car, the track. When I go to EuroSpeedway on Friday and put my first set of new tyres on, I will know immediately the line I have to take and the set up of the car."

Knowledge of the track might be one thing, but prior to Brands it was a while since the German had been on an open wheeler.

"This is the first time since '99 that I have been back in a single seater," he explains. "I feel quite confident although the car is completely different in driving style to the GT that I am currently racing."



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