Sean McIntosh belied the fact that he was making his first visit to the German Lausitzring circuit by pushing the fringes of the top ten in practice for this weekend's A1 Grand Prix meeting.

With nothing other than a few hours of pre-race training on his Playstation games console, the Canadian turned up at Lausitz as one of the least experienced drivers in the field, but left delighted by his performance.

The first session saw the predominantly white Team Canada Lola set a time to just make it into the top ten, McIntosh running just under a second from the fastest time set by Team.Great Britain, before he put in another 22 laps and improved his time by 0.560secs.

"The car was quite good," the Formula Renault regular reported, "We started to make little changes, but I had to learn the circuit a bit too. It was quite similar to the Playstation, but some of the corners you can't cut so much. It's also a bit slower than I thought. Quite a few little sections are second gear, so they're slow and you can't make up the time.

"However, it's a good start to the weekend. Between sessions, we made a few adjustments and picked up about half a second in lap time, and now it's quite close. It's the slow speed parts that we're working on now. With one lap qualifying it's harder but we'll try in the morning practice and then hope to be somewhere in the top ten in qualifying. I think we're capable of that."



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