The second round of the A1 Grand Prix of Nations saw Team Holland suffer another series of ups and downs as driver Jos Verstappen found himself out of the running on the first lap of the sprint race and left with the task of battling from the rear of the grid in the main feature race.

Easily one of the most well supported teams in the series, Verstappen gave his large legion of Dutch fans plenty of reasons to smile during the 35 lap feature race for after a frantic start where the bright orange Racing for Holland run machine failed to fire on the dummy grid, the former Formula One star drove from 24th and last to seventh, picking up some more useful points for his home nation.

Sunday started reasonably well for the Dutch team with a sixth place in the warm up around the difficult EuroSpeedway Lausitzring circuit. However in the opening moments of the sprint race, in which Verstappen started tenth, it all went pear shaped.

On the run to the tight first complex Verstappen was scuttled by Pakistan's Adam Khan who hit the left rear wheel of the Dutch entry leaving Verstappen with a broken rear suspension.

"It is a shame if you're pushed off in the first race," said Verstappen, who was faced with a starting slot of 22nd for the main feature battle. "Then you move 20 places backwards. We were fifth in the first corner and if we could have started from fifth then it would have been a completely different race.

"If I had let some more room there, maybe it wouldn't have happened, but you cannot see it. It's so fast going into the first corner with the rolling start. Everything happens a lot quicker and you cannot look all the way back left in your mirrors. There is also a lot happening in front of you."

In the 35-lap feature race Verstappen started from the pit lane after clutch problems on the grid. This did not stop 'Jos the Boss' from driving a very strong race, aided by a mercifully clean pit stop in the early stages. However despite avoiding the air-gun problems that afflicted many of the other teams, the Dutch entry was deemed to have too many people working on the car during the stop, which necessitated a drive through penalty for Verstappen.

With the drive through dropping Holland back to 17th place, the second half of the race saw Verstappen in typical fighting form as he picked up place after place to cross the line in seventh position.

"Of course then you are very happy if you finish seventh," Verstappen continued. "We had a great stop, absolutely spot on. But then you get a drive through penalty because we had worked with two many people in one corner. With that you lose two or three places, but still finishing seventh. I think that we should just be very, very pleased.

"It's the same as Brands Hatch and it's so much fun doing this. Overtaking, pushing the others in front of you and then put the car next to them, yeah that is fun!"

After two rounds and four races of this exciting new concept, Holland are in a tie for tenth place in the overall standings with Germany and Ireland.



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