Tyres and tiredness will be the two main concerns for the men behind the wheel this weekend as the A1 Grand Prix teams reconvene at Estoril in Portugal, but Team USA's Scott Speed is confident that his fitness levels will be good enough to rise to the challenge.

A regular stop on the Formula One circuit between 1984-96, Estoril has a track layout very similar to its Iberian counterpart at Barcelona, and that means long sweeping turns that are not only tough on tyres, but also very tiring for the drivers.

"Every track has its unique challenges, but Estoril is one of the most difficult because it is physically gruelling, both for your tyres and yourself as a driver," said Speed, who hopes to move the US up in the standings after a couple of disappointing outings, "But it's the same for everybody. The driver who is physically up to the task and the team that is quickest in the pits will win this race.

"Fortunately, we have great tyres for this type of race. The surface of these slick Cooper tyres can become almost gel-like with the high track temperatures, and the way that they 'squash' into the track surfaces really helps with grip and cornering."



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