Sean McIntosh admitted his previous knowledge of the Estoril circuit proved to beneficial during a wet Friday in Portugal ahead of the final European round of the A1GP season.

The Team Canada driver ended the two official sessions inside the top 15 in difficult conditions and admitted he could have gone quicker had he not switched tyres too early.

"I haven't raced here but my 30 laps in an F3 car has helped a bit - but it was sunny - nothing like today," he said. "It helped considerably when we went out in the rain - at least I knew kind of which way the track went. I learned a bit about what corner speeds we'll need. You can't really get a good read on where everyone will be with these conditions. With the wets we were one of the quickest out there but on the drying track we put slicks on a lap or two early. Overall I think it'll be a good weekend and we need to keep learning. We got data on wet and damp conditions so we're making progress.

"I'm getting the hang of the one lap system for tomorrow's qualifying. When I went out on the new tyres I went quickly right away. I think it's something you get better with by practicing. We should have a good set up for either condition. We should be able to put on another good show for the folks back home. The word is spreading through Canada - the real Motorsport fans are following and more people are noticing now that it's on the web."



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