Having put Team Great Britain back into the hunt of the A1 Grand Prix championship following a strong round in Germany, Robbie Kerr suffered a setback in Estoril when he could only manage a disappointing tenth place, following a number of issues that prevented him from challenging further up the order.

Already having to use an old set of tyres following the rain from the day before, Kerr was then restricted by traffic on his opening run when the Team Italy car driven by Enrico Toccacelo blocked him throughout the lap.

"We've all been restricted to two sets of new rubber for qualifying because of the wet conditions yesterday so in the first session I went out on older rubber to get a feel for the car," a frustrated Kerr said.

"Unfortunately the Italians completely mucked my lap up by blocking me for the whole lap and not looking in his mirrors which is a bit frustrating and we'd made a change to the car so we weren't too sure where we were with it. We put the new tyres on and it went well and then we used them again for the third go - I lost a bit of time with the tyres being older."

His fourth and final run was then cut short by a minor technical issue, leaving the Team Great Britain car at the wrong end of the top ten. "On the fourth run the time just wasn't there - it felt really strange but now we've found a minor technical problem that will be put right for tomorrow."

Indeed, Kerr is looking ahead to the race day having starred in the previous round when he finished a superb second place having started 24th on the grid. If he can pull off a similar performance, then a podium is certainly still on the cards...



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