Pakistan may not have its own rich motorsport heritage just yet but that hasn't dulled their enthusiasm for the inaugural A1 Grand Prix Series, as Team Pakistan's chairman and seat holder Arif Husain explains.

A1 Team Pakistan was one of the first countries to sign up for the series when it was announced in 2004 and Husain is proud to bring the world of motorsport to Pakistan.

"First of all I must congratulate His Highness Sheikh Maktoum in formulating A1 Grand Prix and inviting those countries who traditionally have no history of motorsport to participate," says Husain as his team prepares to head down under for the fourth round of the championship at Eastern Creek, Australia. "By being involved with A1 Grand Prix, it gives us an opportunity to change the perception of Pakistan internationally.

"It also gives new hope to the youth of Pakistan and by no means least, opens up new business opportunities for Pakistani co-operations by globalising their logos, brands and products."

With technical support provided by the vastly experienced Super Nova International Racing team, the prospects are good. Pitched against ex-Formula One racing drivers, current Formula One test drivers and other more experienced single-seater competitors, A1 Team Pakistan's 20-year old driver, Adam Khan has his work cut out for the remainder of the season.



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