Nelson Piquet topped the timing monitors in the A1 Grand Prix of Nations at Eastern Creek in the Saturday morning practice session heading to the afternoon's four session qualifying in an eventful hour at the Sydney circuit.

Piquet went fastest late in the session, displaying Team Malaysia's Alex Yoong with Team Great Britain's Robbie Kerr third fastest.

Top times
1. Brazil 1min 19.476secs
2. Malaysia 1min 19.840secs
3. Great Britain 1min 19.871secs
4. Portugal 1min 19.886secs
5. Germany 1min 19.922secs
6. Australia 1min 20.029secs
7. Ireland 1min 20.185secs
8. Italy 1min 20.325secs
9. New Zealand 1min 20.502secs
10. South Africa 1min 20.768secs



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