The first fifteen minute qualifying session saw France set the fastest time as all cars bar the Austrian entry took to the track to set a single flying lap at Eastern Creek in the A1 Grand Prix of Nations.

Nicholas Lapierre went out late for Team France in the session and went some half a second faster than Neel Jani in the Swiss entry who ended the session as second fastest.

Jonny Reid for Team New Zealand was the third fastest, whilst Salvador Duran set the fourth fastest time in what was the first of the four sessions.

Top times
1. France 1min 18.886secs
2. Switzerland 1min 19.337secs
3. New Zealand 1min 19.786secs
4. Mexico 1min 19.876secs
5. Netherlands 1min 20.072secs
6. Brazil 1min 20.324secs
7. Portugal 1min 20.635secs
8. Great Britain 1min 20.708secs
9. Australia 1min 20.777secs
10. Pakistan 1min 20.837secs



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