France stayed fastest after the second qualifying session in the A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport under grey skies at Sydney's Eastern Creek Raceway.

With the times from the two first sessions added together, Nicholas Lapierre comfortably was on top with an advantage of over a second with two further opportunities for nations to set flying laps.

Top times
1. France 2min 37.036secs
2. Switzerland 2min 38.187secs
3. Brazil 2min 39.288secs
4. Netherlands 2min 39.311secs
5. Mexico 2min 39.432secs
6. Portugal 2min 39.579secs
7. Great Britain 2min 39.803secs
8. New Zealand 2min 40.309secs
9. Italy 2min 40.762secs
10. Ireland 2min 40.791secs



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