Alvaro Parente, driving for Team Portugal in the A1 Grand Prix of Nations at Eastrer Creek, opened up the day's running with the fastest time in the morning warm up ahead of Sunday's two races at the Australian race track.

Partugal, Brazil, the Netherlands and France were the quickest cars on track in weather conditions better than seen so far this race meeting at the Sydney race track.

New Zealand set the fifth fastest time and Australia the eighth, both nations having plenty to do was they start the afternoon's first Sprint race from thirteenth and fourteenth on the grid.

Top times
1. Portugal 1min 20.713secs
2. Brazil 1min 20.737secs
3. Netherlands 1min 21.148secs
4. France 1min 21.227secs
5. New Zealand 1min 21.240secs
6. Italy 1min 21.251secs
7. Mexico 1min 21.441secs
8. Australia 1min 21.459secs
9. Switzerland 1min 21.614secs
10. Germany 1min 21.628secs



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