Brit Robbie Kerr racing in the A1 Grand Prix for his nation has a rather experienced team boss looking over his shoulder in the form of former Formula One champion, John Surtees. Always difficult to impress someone of that stature when it come to racing, but that's exactly what Robbie did at Eastern Creek for the Australian round of the championship, finishing in second place in the Feature race.

"It's a good result," said Surtees at the end of the weekend. "Robbie has done what's asked of him - keeping it all together under a certain pressure."

The Feature race did see a number of safety car periods, and each time Kerr was behind the French car driver Nicholas Lapierre seemed to be able to leave the British entry behind with ease.

"When you're in that position under a course car the person in front can obviously dictate when he decides to go," said Surtees of the restarts. "It's very difficult and something that Robbie needs to work on but he remains steady under pressure as the Swiss car was trying to take advantage of losing his lead with the pace car each time so it wasn't easy."

Following a difficult round for the squad at Estoril, Surtees reckons that Team Great Britain is right back on track.

"After the disappointment of Portugal it was rather nice for him to get back in the groove," says Surtees. "It's good for the team - it lifts them but we have a little way to go and with a bit of luck that will come and allow us to compete with an extremely good team - the French. They're right on the ball in all divisions and you see two excellent drivers so we need to make certain that we give a car to Robbie that can match theirs."



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