A1 Team Germany faces a huge logistical challenge for the fifth round of the A1 Grand Prix series, taking place in Malaysia this weekend, as lead driver Timo Scheider needs to be in two places at the same time.

The former DTM midfielder returns to the Willi Weber-managed team for the 19-20 November event at Sepang, but also takes part in another race just one day earlier - an endurance race in Dubai, some 5500km further west.

As a result, the 27-year old will miss the first two free practice sessions in Malaysia and will have to travel halfway around the world overnight to take his place in the team, but the effort became a necessity after Adrian Sutil, the driver originally scheduled to race for Germany at Sepang, picked up an injury.

A medical check-up after the fourth round of the A1 series in Australia two weeks ago revealed that the 22-year old broke the thumb in an accident during the first of the two races and must now allow the break to heal.

"It certainly wasn?EUR(TM)t an easy decision to make, but it was the best solution," Weber explained, despite having at least one of the Schumacher brothers still on his books, "Timo must miss two practice sessions in Sepang, but has already accumulated plenty of valuable experience from the first two rounds of the A1 Grand Prix series."

The team owner admitted that, if a squad had been assembled for the German assault on A1GP, another solution may have been possible, but it was always intended to allow the nominated drivers to gain as much experience as possible to keep the team competitive.

"If we had nominated a third driver, he would have started from zero in the A1 Grand Prix car," Weber confirmed, "Adrian should takes his time to recuperate, so that he is fully fit for his next race."

Despite the hectic schedule ahead of him, Scheider is confident that he is up to the challenge facing him in Kuala Lumpur.

"The toughest aspect will almost certainly be the time difference," he admitted, "My race marathon starts on Tuesday in Dubai, with the three-hour time difference to Germany. The endurance race finishes on Friday at five in the afternoon and, at 8-15 that evening I fly to Malaysia. The overnight flight takes about seven hours and, due to the different time zones, I lose another four hours between Dubai and Malaysia.....

"However, I?EUR(TM)ve practiced enough on my PlayStation for the track in Sepang, and I?EUR(TM)m looking forward to the cut-and-thrust of two exciting races there."



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