Japanese driver Hayanari Shimoda says he hasn't seen the massive accident that marked his debut in the A1GP series at Eastern Creek - and has no intention of watching it in the future.

Shimoda was drafted in by the Japanese for the fourth round of the year in Australia as the team attempted to improve on its early performances in the World Cup of Motorsport but was involved in a dramatic incident during the feature race at the New South Wales circuit when he went off at the first corner and destroyed his car - luckily escaping injury in the process.

"I had oversteer which caused me to go off the track and the next thing I remember was being upside down with gravel all around me," Shimoda said in the run up to the fifth round of the season at Sepang this weekend. "Obviously I hit the wall and came to a stop and then my next recollection was of being surrounded by many people. I was rather sore for two days, and the one part that hurt most was on the shoulders where the HANS device is. All this soon went away and I am now feeling a hundred per cent fit.

"I haven't seen the accident and don't want to. I am just happy that I am racing in a car that is built so well and that safety is so important in A1."

Shimoda will be back in the Japanese car in Malaysia having returned to action in the final round of the Le Mans Endurance Series in Istanbul, where he took fourth place alongside Tom Chilton and Casper Elgaard in the factory Zytek but just missed out on securing the championship.

Having competed at the Sepang circuit in the past, Shimoda said he was looking forward to the weekend.

"I love this track and raced here three or four years ago," he said. "It was my debut race in Japan GT and I even got a point that weekend."



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