Nelson Piquet Jr has confirmed that he was responsible for the collision with Sean McIntosh, during practice for the latest round of the A1 Grand Prix World Cup at Sepang in Malaysia Friday.

Piquet Jr. and McIntosh came together during the first practice session, when the former spun his A1 Team Brazil entry.

"The day has been okay, it could have been better," said Piquet Jr. "I am not happy that I spun in the first practice, although we were quick which was good. I was on a normal lap and Canada was on an out-lap. I saw him and when I removed the throttle, I lost control of the car and spun. Unfortunately I hit him although there was not any damage to our car. It took a long time to get the car off the track so we couldn't go out again.

"I think our main concern again this weekend is the tyres, which has been the problem for a few weekends now. In qualifying we do well on new tyres but then the tyres seem to go quite quickly and then we start to oversteer. I think for qualifying Saturday we will be fine but my concern is for the race."

McIntosh meanwhile, like Piquet, was forced to sit out around a quarter of the first session following the incident.

"For the first session we had a new engine to bed in - we used about four laps for installation which used up time. We knew that we had more in the car and then we had an incident with Brazil on one of my slowing down laps so we had to miss 15 minutes of the session," he added.

"Then just now we went out - quite relaxed and calm - and the car's been good straight from the box, just a few tweaks here and there. We put our heads together in Australia on what was the best set-up to come with and this seems to be good on used tyres, which was an area we struggled with at Eastern Creek. It's definitely a good start to the weekend - but a long way to go - there are no points for practice."



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