A1 Team Canada's Sean McIntosh has apologised for throwing away a potential top ten result in the feature race at Sepang, after running in to the back of Italian rival Enrico Toccacelo.

After a challenging qualifying session, the Formula Renault graduate used the sprint race to gain seven places on the grid for race two, and then picked up another five slots with an excellent start. At two-thirds distance, with some teams ahead of him still to pit, McIntosh was even looking at a top-five position when disaster struck.

Running as part of a closely-matched group that included eventual podium finishers Switzerland and Czech Republic, the young Canadian drafted up behind Toccacelo before attempting to duck out of the slipstream. Unfortunately, he had got a little too close to the back of the Italian car and caught his front wing as he pulled out to overtake.

"The result comes down to me really," he said, having walked back to the pits, "When I pulled out of the draft, I was on the button, but clipped the endplate, which
punctured the tyre.

"I feel bad for everyone on the team that?EUR(TM)s worked really hard all weekend. We were quick in practice, and definitely had a chance for a top five, so we need to piece it all back together in Dubai."



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