After a jet-setting weekend, which saw him compete in the FIA GT race in Dubai before heading to Sepang, Timo Scheider was rewarded with three more points for Team Germany in the latest round of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport.

Despite missing the two Malaysian practice sessions on Friday while he helped the Vitaphone Maserati team to the GT1 title in the GT series, Scheider was soon on the pace as he set the sixth fastest time on his first qualifying run before heavy traffic in the second session, and the rain that had started to fall, saw him drop to 16th on the grid.

Despite the unfavourable grid position, Scheider immediately claimed four positions at the start of the 15-lap sprint race to secure twelfth before a strong drive in the feature race saw him fight his way forward to eventually take eighth place by the time the flag dropped.

"Three points are obviously just reward for A1 Team Germany," he said afterwards. "It could have been even more if we'd been able to use the tyres better. The rears started deteriorating after only four or five laps, which just showed that we needed the track time on Friday.

"Because unsettled weather was forecast again we chose not to make our pit-stop in the feature race so early. It actually began to drizzle towards the end of the race and I lost a position to A1 Team USA. Since my adrenalin level has sunk I can feel the tiredness and stress and strain in every muscle."

Seat holder Willi Weber said he was pleased with the way the weekend had gone, and said he was happy to see Scheider justify the decision to nominate him for the weekend.

"Timo rewarded the trust shown in him by scoring three points and merely confirms that it was the right decision to nominate him to race in Sepang," he said. "He will represent A1 Team Germany again at the next race in Dubai. He knows this track very well and will have the opportunity to spend the entire weekend setting the car up. We should get things back on track then."



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