Another dominant performance in the Malaysian round of the A1 Grand Prix championship has left Team France not only comfortably out in front of the point standings, but has also attracted the interest of televisions crews.

While the official coverage of the championship has had little option but to focus on the tricolour car that Nicolas Lapierre and Alex Premat have taken to eight straight wins, the entire French team will this week be under the scrutiny of ITN Factual - a major news and documentary production company shooting for the Discovery Channel and TF1 France - follows every move it makes at the Dubai International Circuit.

Lapierre will be back behind the wheel of the French car this weekend, after Pr?mat took another double victory in Malaysia, but it will be a first time at the desert circuit for the GP2 frontrunner.

"I really want to finish 2005 on a high note," he said, noting the impending festive break, "so I hope the sand will not affect our cars too badly. I'm glad that we'll get extra time to test the T-cars that will be available to us for the first time of the season but, most of all, I looking forward to racing again."

Team boss Jean-Paul Driot has insisted that the extra attention from the television crew will not distract his squad from the task in hand.

"We remain focused and I hope that the team and the drivers will continue to perform well," he said.

The Dubai round brings A1 Grand Prix to the home of series founder Sheikh Maktoum, and Driot is quick to praise His Royal Highness for the series his team is currently dominating.

"Coming back to Dubai reminds me of many good memories," he said, "I can look back and see the first dreams of Sheikh Maktoum... Now, it looks easy to build a series like this, but it isn't. It involves a lot of very hard work, but it is worth it."



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