Both Team Netherlands drivers expect to see action as the A1 Grand Prix series returns to its roots, in Dubai, for the sixth double-header of the season.

Although he wont get to race this weekend, reserve driver Jeroen Bleekemolen will get to go out in two extra test sessions on Friday morning, shaking down the second Zytek engine for the team. Bleekemolen, who knows the track from his race with Spyker in the FIA GT a fortnight ago, will also collect data to help boost team-mate Jos Verstappen's effort on a track that only a few drivers have driven before.

?EURoeIn the beginning, the track will be very slippery, because there is a lot of sand on it," the youngster observed, "This I noticed when I drove here two weeks ago. In the first 30 minutes, you can?EUR(TM)t really do much, because grip is that bad.

"But I?EUR(TM)m here to drive so, of course, I will do my best to find out as much as possible about the track and the car for the rest of the weekend. Testing the new engine is quite easy, you just have to do one or two installation laps and, after that, you can go all out, which should be no problem for the engine.?EUR?

For Verstappen, the Dubai Autodrome is another completely new track, but the Dutchman - who has lifted his team to sixth in the point standings - was impressed with what he saw on a slow paced walking lap.

?EURoeThere are a few nice corners here, but I think that overtaking will be a bit more difficult," the former F1 pilot claimed, "How big a problem the sand on the track will be during the day is a bit dependant on the wind directions and force but, from what I saw, it will remain an issue throughout the weekend. However, we are not planning to adapt the set-up of the car because of this - you just have to adapt to the conditions as a driver.?EUR?



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