It was a day with a 'parfait' performance from Team France in the A1 Grand Prix of Motorsport in Dubai, with Nicolas Lapierre topping the timing monitors in all four sessions held on Friday.

Lapierre maintained his perfect run with the fastest time in the second hour long practice session at relaxed circuit where the finishing touches for this weekend's race action were taking place.

The Frenchman was so nearly denied the clean-sweep however, as Team Ireland's Ralph Firman bettered him in the dying moments of the session, only for Lapierre to beat the time on his last lap.

The final session of the day was red flagged with thirteen minutes to run following the expiration of the Zytek V8 in the Team Malaysia car of Alex Yoong, leaving an oil trail out on the circuit and a rather miffed former F1 driver in the car.

Switzerland set the third fastest time in the session, just ahead of Team Great Britain.

Top times
1. France 1min 46.073secs
2. Ireland 1min 46.209secs
3. Switzerland 1min 46.541secs
4. Great Britain 1min 46.753secs
5. Italy 1min 46.766secs
6. Japan 1min 46.855secs
7. Pakistan 1min 47.018secs
8. Czech Republic 1min 47.067secs
9. Canada 1min 47.280secs
10. Germany 1min 47.252secs



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