Another twenty minute practice session has been held in Dubai for the A1 Grand Prix and once more the oppositions' heads were held low as they looked over to the French Tricolore after Nicolas Lapierre once more went fastest in the latest session.

Lapierre was fastest, albeit by a diminished margin, from Team Germany this time with a 1min 46.972secs from Lapierre and a 1min 47.294secs from Adrian Sutil in the German car.

Portugal set the third fastest time with Alvaro Parente in action, whilst both the Czech Republic with Tomas Enge and Italy with Enrico Toccacello taking over from Massimiliano Busnelli vaulted up the order on the timing monitors, with Enge setting the fourth fastest time and Toccacello the fifth.

Pakistan, with Adam Kahn in action, recovered from their earlier in the first session to set the seventh fastest time, whilst China with Tengyi Jiang in action entered the top ten with the ninth fastest lap.

1. France 1min 46.972secs
2. Germany 1min 47.294secs
3. Portugal 1min 47.414secs
4. Czech Republic 1min 47.461secs
5. Italy 1min 47.673secs
6. Switzerland 1min 47.675secs
7. Pakistan 1min 47.899secs
8. Mexico 1min 48.168secs
9. China 1min 48.194secs
10. South Africa 1min 48.281secs



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