A1 Team Pakistan driver, Adam Khan has vowed to do better in Sunday's races after qualifying a lowly 20th.

Speaking after posting a best time of 3 minutes 35.183 seconds, over three seconds off the pole time set by A1 Team Switzerland, Khan revealed that a problem with his knee pads had put him off.

"Of course I am disappointed not to be in the top ten where we were all confident that I could be and had shown that I could be," he noted, "but one of the knee pads came loose next to my leg and it ended up at my feet, interfering with my control of the car.

"I had no option but to back off the throttle. Having missed one of the qualifying sessions restricted my ability to put in a fast enough time.

"However, I am determined that this will not be the end of the weekend and that we will progress through the positions in both races tomorrow and regain the form when it really matters - in the Sprint and Feature - to the delight of the huge support we have had so far from the Pakistani community in Dubai."

Asim Husain, operations director of A1 Team Pakistan, conceded that the problems inside the car were a shame.

"Having finished yesterday's practice session in seventh position we were hoping for a higher position on the grid for tomorrow," he added. "The problems inside the car could not be foreseen and is disappointing when we have had such pace. However, we know that the set up of the car is good and that the team are working towards the best finish possible. We will deliver a good result tomorrow."



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