A1 Team Switzerland driver, Neel Jani is aiming to lead from the off Sunday in Dubai, after securing the pole for the 'sprint'.

Speaking to exclusively to Crash.net Radio after taking P1, he added though that the sand will make things tricky in both races.

"It is very interesting [this circuit] especially with the sand, because if you go a little a bit off line you just go off. So if you do a mistake it costs you time," he stated.

"I think tomorrow in the race we will see a lot of overtaking manoeuvres and a lot of mistakes, because it is very easy [to make an error].

"But my aim is to get away [at the start] - and then I won't see anybody anymore in my mirrors. Then I won't even have to fight and that will be the end. I tired in Malaysia [to beat Team France] and it nearly worked out - and we will try tomorrow again."

As for whether or not Team Switzerland and Team France work together, as they are both run by the DAMS squad, Jani said that was not really the case.

"We talk a little bit but in general everybody does his own thing," insisted Jani. "I mean the French have got their own engineers, I have got my own engineers and we have got our own crew. We are competing against each other - and so it is not really like we work together."



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