Team France and Nicholas Lapierre fought back in the A1 Grand Prix in Dubai to take victory in an action-filled Feature race at the Autodrome circuit.

Lapierre led Team Great Britain's Robbie Kerr across the line after an epic six lap battle between the cross-channel neighbours in a race which saw Switzerland take an early lead before Team Great Britain made an excellent pit call as the safety car took to the track after Team Indonesia's Ananda Mikola's otherwise strong day was ended by a spin into the wall.

Kerr seized the initiative and set the then race's fastest lap on his quest to disappear off into the distance, but the pace would later disappear as France closed in at one point by some six tenths per lap and with thirteen laps to go France was right on the gearbox of the British car.

Once France was through, it was off into the distance, making a gap of some 3.2 seconds after four laps.

Third went to South Africa's Stephen Simpson, a driver making up good places on the pit-stop, and holding off far more experienced players on the restart and to keep third. Fourth went to Team Portugal and Alvaro Parente, whilst Team China and Tengyi Jiang scored an impressive fifth.

It was early baths for Team Ireland, with Ralph Firman's car's gearbox woes not having been rectified in the brief period between races, Brazil, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Top ten
1. France
2. Great Britain
3. South Africa
4. Portugal
5. China
6. Canada
7. Austria
8. Mexico
9. Netherlands
10. Australia



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