A1 Team Great Britain boss, John Surtees has hailed the A1 Grand Prix series following the sixth round of the championship this weekend in Dubai - adding that in his view it is really starting to 'come of age'.

Speaking after seeing 'his' driver, Robbie Kerr, come home ninth in the sprint and second in the feature, Surtees admitted though it was a shame the Brits couldn't beat the French today in the second race!

"I think what we've seen here is A1 coming of age," confirmed Surtees. "We are now half way through the first season of the one nation/one car principle and it's certainly caught peoples' imaginations.

"Particularly when you look at the results and see South Africa on the podium for the first time and China up there in sixth. I think it's wonderful to see the new nations to motorsport getting up there!

"For Great Britain I'm a little disappointed that we couldn't quite beat the French but Robbie tried his hardest - he had a tremendous go but technically we didn't have it quite right frankly. I think the French had a bit of an edge and had a bit of an easier time but Robbie drove his heart out and did everything that could be expected of him and it was a good second.

"I just hope we can learn from this and go forwards - and literally upwards onto the top step of the podium."



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