Despite having the brains of former Formula One champion Alan Jones behind them, Team Australia have been finding the competition in the A1 Grand Prix championship tough so far, but lead driver Will Davison is confident that they will be able to build upon their current tenth place in the series when it resumes after the festive break.

The latest double-header, in Dubai at the weekend, was not kind to the team, with Davison unable to live up to the promise shown at earlier rounds this year, scraping just a tenth place finish - and one point - from race two.

"It is very disappointing at the moment," he said, "I have been out of open-wheelers for a while now, but we showed some promise early on and thought we were going to be going forwards not backwards. After the result in Australia, there was a lot of potential, and we came here full of optimism, but we have swapped to our second car and cannot put our finger on what is wrong. We have been chasing our tails all weekend.

"We have our heads in the computers to find the problem. We are really determined to master this qualifying system, and that is what really motivates me - being quick over one lap. We are pretty confident that there is something wrong with the car, but have been unable to finger point it. However, we will keep our chins up and keep looking."

Identifying that the lack of testing in the A1GP series makes it hard to find a perfect car for each race, Davison admits that he is having to really work during the Friday practice sessions to get the most out of the car.

"We are on the back foot at the moment," he continued, "We have no testing, so we have to use the practice sessions to the maximum, whilst trying to learn the circuit and get a feel for the new car. We are throwing things at the car in qualifying, which isn't always the best thing. It is sometimes one step backwards to go two steps forward but, at the moment, we are just going backwards."

Nonetheless, despite often disappointing on the Saturday, Davison has often shown himself to be a competent racer on Sunday, scoring some valuable points that frequently belie his qualifying position. However, the Aussie claims that he now wants to race from the front.

"I always attack 100 per cent in the races, but I am little sick of coming from the back, to be honest," he admitted before the double-header in Dubai, "This circuit provides fantastic racing because we have got a couple of long straights and tight hairpins and, with the power boost button that the A1 cars have, there is some serious overtaking. We seem competitive in the races, but we are just doing something wrong on the Saturday."

Having recently been signed by Dick Johnson Racing in the Australian V8 Supercar championship, Davison claims he may now have to dovetail his A1 experience before the end of the season in order to commit to his new employer.

"I am committed to doing the two races in January with A1, because V8s don't really start until March and our testing programme starts in February," he explained, "At least I know they are happy for me to be racing here. It is better to be racing then sitting on the beach at home putting on Christmas kilos.

"However, I will be very disappointed to leave the series without any success, and I am really determined to get the Aussie flag back onto the podium."



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