Rivals struggling to keep up with the runaway success of the French team in this year's inaugural A1 Grand Prix series have put the 'problem' down to the amount of feedback that team co-ordinator DAMS is getting from its four-car 'fleet'.

Team South Africa technical and sporting director Mike Carroll believes that the wide coverage that the team enjoys up and down the grid, including fielding the front-running Swiss and Mexican teams, coupled with the use of seasoned racers such as Nicolas Lapierre and Alexandre Premat, has been vital to the French success.

"The big secret they have is that DAMS, the team that runs them, are running four countries and have been able to take engineering feedback and data from four different drivers," Carroll commented, "The engineering team has been able to share information over four cars, and, to me, that is why they have got on top of things are lot quicker than everyone else.

"The other key thing that France has had is the fact that Lapierre and Premat are experienced, driving a similar car week in, week out in the summer [in the GP2 Series] and then doing this in the European winter. Those are the two key factors that they have had in their favour.

"As the championship wears on, though, the countries with less experienced drivers are catching up, and the teams that aren't running four drivers are catching up too. I think we are now in a phase where the gains they are making are not as much as the people chasing hard after them."



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