While most drivers are enjoying the traditional winter break, those in the A1 Grand Prix championship find themselves back in their seats at the end of the January, for the latest round on the streets of Durban, South Africa.

Following the postponement of the Indonesian round that was due to run last weekend, Robbie Kerr took the time to talk to Crash.Net at the Autosport International Show about progress of his season and what he hopes to achieve in the coming rounds.

"It has been a good season," Kerr said. "We have learnt a lot with the car and we are getting more competitive. We have had a few ups and downs, so we are fairly happy with where we are. We know what we have got to do to improve the car and those improvements are happening, so we are getting more competitive, which we are really pleased about."

Although the strong crowds for earlier rounds have fallen since the opening race at Brands Hatch, Kerr insists that A1 GP is becoming more recognised around the world, as people get behind their country.

"It is becoming more well-known and more popular. It is not going out to be the biggest thing ever, but it had a brilliant turn out at the first race in Brands Hatch. It dropped away a bit but the crowds are there; they are expecting around 100,000 in Durban for the South African race, so it should be interesting."

"It is nation against nation, so people are getting behind their country. The support you get is brilliant. As a driver representing your country, it is one of the greatest honours you can have."

Currently fourth in the championship behind runaway leader France, Switzerland and Brazil, Kerr is yet to deliver the British team a debut win However he claims that the car is getting better with every round, so a first victory should not be too far off.

"I am looking forward to getting back in the car and really go for it again. We are in a strong position. We have made some changes since Dubai with the car, and we are pretty certain that they will work. Durban will be a street race and so it is going to be bumpy - it will be interesting to see how the car goes."

"We are competitive because always up there in practice, qualifying and even the races. We were leading in Dubai but we just need to work on the set-up to prolong the life of the tyres."



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