Although it was launched on a level playing field, the A1 Grand Prix Championship has still seen a divide between the established motorsport nations, such as France and Brazil and those with less pedigree.

One of these nations has been Lebanon, who despite showing great enthusiasm from the very beginning of the A1 GP's conception, remain on the bottom of the points table with India and Russia.

Indeed, driver Khalil Beschir has had a difficult initiation into the series, but remains confident going into the second half of the season, starting with Durban in South Africa.

"We are trying to get as much as testing as we can, especially me because I have had a very disappointing season," Beschir told Crash.Net. "I am just working on my fitness and getting mileage in F3 and F3000 to get into a better position and do a better job for the second half of the season. I am looking forward to it, I cannot wait anymore."

"I am looking forward to Durban, as it is a street race. I am really looking forward to this and Laguna Seca, it is very popular but I haven't visited it. The goal for the second half is to get points and we are working very hard to get it."

Indeed, while Beschir is delighted to be representing his country, he nonetheless still finding it hard to shake off his inauspicious debut after spectacularly flipping his car at the very first round in Brands Hatch in front of the hoards of media who turned out for the series' debut appearance.

"It is like a dream," Beschir continued. "I never thought I would be here. My goal is to reach Formula One, so I am working on it always. It is so hard but we got this chance so we are lucky. We have to work very hard but the most important thing for me is to score points. Everybody knows me from my crash, but now I want to be famous for my driving."

Beschir however cites the constant rotation with team mate Basil Shaaban as stunting their progress through the field. "The problem is that we are always changing drivers. If you look at China, they were not as quick as us but now they are using just one driver through the year and now they are improving all of the time, because they came fifth in Dubai."



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