Whilst for most of the opposition this weekend's races on the Durban street course in South Africa, Piquet raced an Aston Martin last weekend at the Interlagos circuit in Brazil.

Piquet shared driving duties with his three time Formula One world champion father, Nelson Piquet, Christophe Bouchut and H?lio Castro Neves in the 1000km endurance race.

"I had a great time racing last week in Brasil, and it was good to get the first win of 2006 under my belt," said Piquet, who won the A1 Grand Prix's first two races, but has not tasted victory in the series since.

"This weekend will be quite a different challenge as we will be racing on a street circuit and it's good that no-one really has the advantage of having raced here before.

"I am sure it will be interesting to visit South Africa, it's not somewhere I have been before and I enjoy visiting new countries. Let's hope we can have a good weekend."