The street circuit being constructed for this weekend's A1 Grand Prix event in Durban has been passed fit to race on by FIA safety delegate Charlie Whiting, who visited the city in the build-up to the event.

A safety inspection on the morning of free practice gave final consent for the action to begin, after the last of the barriers were put in place and the venue complied with the list of requests issued by the FIA ahead of the event.

The circuit will see the debut of A3, the development series being piggy-backed into existence on the wave of enthusiasm for the A1 Grand Prix series. Powered by Volkswagen engines, the junior single-seater category will stage a series of demonstration races in Durban, before embarking on a full championship within South Africa.

Following the lead of the Team South Africa car, which carries the word Vulindlela - meaning 'move aside' in Zulu - on its rear wing, the A3 cars will carry Umfoweth - meaning 'little brother' - in the same place, reflecting the relationship between the two series.

The A3 cars will be the first carbon-fibre chassis single-seaters to race in South Africa and, like A1GP, will be owned by the series and leased to interested drivers.



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