Jos Verstappen will start the bright orange Team Netherlands car from fourth on the grid for the opening sprint race of A1 Grand Prix weekend in Durban, his best qualifying result of the season.

With the South African weather making a complete 180-degree turn over the first two days of the meeting, conditions were more driver-friendly for the four-part qualifying session, and Verstappen made the most of the warmer temperatures and clear blue skies to build on the second fastest time he recorded in the third and final free practice session.

The Dutchman went out right at the start of the four 15-minute timed sessions, although his tactic was copied by most of the other drivers, effectively negating any clear track advantage that Verstappen may have been hoping for.

His thinking, however, was to try and avoid as many potential red flag situations that may occur - and ruin a flying lap - on the tricky street track. Up to the end of the third session, however, there were no 'code reds', as only Team Lebanon found the wall, but the fourth session was disrupted as consecutive spins for the USA and Austria contrived to affect proceedings.

Despite feeling that he could have gone faster, even though he was not directly affected by the reds, Verstappen was happy with fourth on the grid for what promises to be the most tricky race of the season to date.

"It's the best result of the season so far and, of course, I am happy with that result," he said, "It all went quite well and the car felt good, so there is not much more I can say about it.

"Up to the last run, it was quite close, but we went out early in each session, because you never know what's going to happen with the red flags. If the red drops, you lose the entire session."



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