One of the basic tenets of the A1 Grand Prix Series will be turned on its head this weekend, after Team Pakistan regular Adam Khan was ruled out of participating in either of the Durban street races.

The youngster, who has raced for the Pakistani team throughout the inaugural A1GP campaign, crashed heavily during final practice on Saturday morning and, despite not being thought too badly hurt, has since been advised not to race on account of back and hand pains. With Pakistan not having a reserve driver on hand to replace Khan - despite having named Nur B Ali at its launch - Italian Enrico Toccacelo has been allowed to stand in for day.

Special dispensation had to be granted by the A1GP sporting director to allow Pakistan to run a non-national driver, as the rules of the series insist that drivers have to be representative of the country they race for, but the rules have been flexed in order to ensure 23 cars on a grid already shorn of the absent Russian and Japanese teams.

"It?EUR(TM)s most unfortunate that Adam can?EUR(TM)t compete today, principally because his left hand is in pain and his forefinger is strapped up," said team manager David Sears, "Fortunately, Enrico is about the same height as Adam, so fitting him into the car has been not too much of a problem. And, of course, since he is one of the nominated drivers for Team Italy, he has a seat, and is familiar with the A1GP format."

Italy is one of the few teams to have taken two drivers to almost every round, and Toccacelo is available to replace Khan because the European squad had decided to race young Max Busnelli in its car this weekend. With Khan not having managed a qualifying lap as he was in hospital in Durban, Toccacelo will start the first of the day's two races from the very back of the grid.



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