After his dramatic race weekend in South Africa Team Netherlands A1 Grand Prix driver Jos Verstappen reckons the Sentul track in Indonesia is one sure to serve up plenty of action.

"I think this is a circuit where you can have very exciting races," reckoned Verstappen after seeing the circuit for the firs time. "A long straight, braking hard for the corner and then another long straight. I think that we could see lots of overtaking attempts here."

Verstappen took his first race win in the A1 Grand Prix in the Feature race in South Africa, just shortly after he had thrown away a certain second place by trying for the lead in the Sprint race.

The former F1 driver reckons the Indonesia circuit is going to be harsh on the Cooper tyres. "What we do have to take into account is the tyre wear," he explains. "The asphalt here is very rough, so the wear will be quite significant. I am optimistic and we should be able to perform well here and show something. But, as always, that also depends on how things fall in place."

The weather is something certain to be a major factor at the track, with heavy rain a strong possibility. "The fact that it can be very wet here is the same for everybody," says the Dutchman. "If the weather keeps changing you just have to adapt to that. I think that over the past years I have been able to adapt well to that. We will see how things will turn out here."



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