The A1 Grand Prix has moved to a single chassis per team setup as spares availability has become an issue for the championship which pitches nation against nation in its debut season.

The series has been surrounded with rumours regarding its financial standings and this latest move represents a step back from the original plan for all teams to have two chassis, with both able to run over the course of a race weekend. The spare cars teams had will be stripped and their tubs returned to Silverstone.

The last round of the A1 Grand Prix in South Africa saw spare parts being shared between teams, including the Feature race winning Team Netherlands running with a front wing liveried with the colours of Team India.

"From this weekend's A1 Grand Prix of Nations, Sentul, Indonesia, the 25 teams contesting the World Cup of Motorsport will run one chassis rather than one chassis and a spare," says a statement from the series organisers.

"The teams must nominate which of their two chassis will be their race chassis for the remainder of the season, then disassemble the other and send the tub back to A1GP's Technical Centre at Silverstone Circuit in England."

Whilst moves have been made to allay fears that the championship is in financial difficulties, stripping the second cars rather than having ordered new parts does not smack of a cash-rich series.



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