Contrary to certain media speculation, the A1 Grand Prix series insists that Team India is not about to quit the championship.

Various sources have claimed that the Indian team is on the verge of pulling out of the series as seat holder Atul Gupta grows increasingly frustrated at the lack of results being produced, despite the squad currently running inexperienced teenager Armaan Ebrahim. A lack of sponsorship was also thought to be compounding the problem.

However, series organisers have issued a statement on behalf of the team, insisting that it would continue to compete beyond this weekend's eighth round at Sentul in Indonesia, and that Sahara, the team's principal backer would remain on the car 'for the foreseeable future'.

Only 23 of the 25 registered teams are on track again this weekend, with Pakistan claiming force majeure to miss out following Adam Khan's accident in Durban
two weeks ago. Japan returns this weekend, but Russia remains a long-term absentee.

Ironically, the Indian nosecone crossed the line first in the Durban feature race - but only because the team had lent the part to Team Holland, which won.



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