Team Malaysia were able to reap the benefits of competing in a series where all the teams have identical equipment when they found themselves in need of a helping hand in the latest round of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport at the Sentul Circuit in Indonesia.

The team was left short of a nose cone for the second race of the weekend when driver Alex Yoong was involved in an incident in the sprint race - with the damage sustained not repairable in the short space of time between the end of the sprint race and the start of the longer feature event.

However there was no need for Yoong to worry as Team Indonesia - who the Malaysian team has strong links with - were able to provide the Malaysian car with its spare nose to allow Yoong to take his place on the grid.

The former F1 racer would then go on to secure the teams best A1GP finish so far with a strong second behind Canadian Sean McIntosh and it left team principal Jack Cunningham thankful that the relationship with the Indonesian team had provided a solution to the problem.

"Keen-eyed fans will have noticed that the A1 Team Malaysia car ran with a red and white nose," he said. "We thank Team Indonesia for their generosity in coming forward and offering us the use of the spare nose. We have done a lot for the Indonesian team over the past months and this was their opportunity to pay us back and help us compete, in a race where achieved such a fine result.

"Without their help, we wouldn't have made it. Their willingness to reciprocate when we needed help was just what we needed. Perhaps that's the true result of a racing series run between competing nations.

"Anyway, with Lola now having the opportunity to produce additional parts we will have our full complement in Mexico, our next race, where we will again be showing the yellow, black and white colours of Team Malaysia."



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