A1 Grand Prix Team Pakistan will return to the A1 Grand Prix for the next round at Laguna Seca, according to a brief statement issued by the team.

Team driver, Adam Khan, suffered an injury at the A1 Grand Prix event in South Africa after his car made contact with the barriers. According to reports, Khan was able to get out of his car unaided, but subsequently was taken to hospital and was unable to drive in that event.

The bizarre occurrence of the Italian driver Enrico Toccacelo becoming an honorary Pakistani for the weekend in South Africa saw the Team Pakistan car in action, but the following event at the Indonesian circuit of Sentul was bereft of the car, with no driver of any nationality behind the wheel.

Khan's injury in South Africa was initially thought to be only minor, with Khan's hospital visit only being one of a cautionary nature and revealing no serious or permanent injury.

Despite this, the injury was still sufficiently bad for the team to not compete in Indonesia, where the Super Nova outfit that run the Team Pakistan operation were on hand to run the Team Japan effort, as previously run by Carlin Motorsport.

Team Pakistan said they would be in action for Mexico, but now this has not occurred. The latest statement gives the next round of the championship at Laguna Seca in Mexico as the event of Khan's return.



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