It was a baptism of fire for Patrick Carpentier as he resumed the mantle of driver for Team Canada at a rainy Funididora Park in Mexico, the latest round of the A1 Grand Prix Championship.

Nonetheless, while the slippery conditions did not aid the Canadians learning curve in the car, he did manage to prove competitive in the first session, with a seventh fastest time coming courtesy of his experience of the circuit compared to his rivals.

However, as his competitors tapped into the circuit for the second session, Carpentier found himself down in 17th place. Ahead of qualifying, Carpentier is hoping to do the team justice in a car that won the last round in Indonesia in the hands of Sean McIntosh.

"The car's pretty similar to what I've driven before," he said at the end of the day, "it's perhaps a little more nervous at the rear but we were up there in first practice. I think I spun the tyres too much though and that had a definite impact in the final session. There was no back-end grip which was too bad as I wanted to keep us up there on the timesheets. We'll give it another shot tomorrow and see how it goes!"



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