Seemingly inspired by the news that he will be returning to the DTM this season, Timo Schedier proved one of the surprise pace setters at a rainy Funididora Park in Mexico, the latest round of the A1 Grand Prix championship.

With Audi announcing his signing in the run up to the weekend, Scheider was in impressive form, taking the Team Germany car to third in the first session, with fifth in the second hour proving that his speed was no fluke.

Nonetheless, Scheider admitted that the tricky conditions has made finding grip very hard. . "I don't think I've ever encountered a track with so little grip", confessed Scheider. "As it had also rained, there were a few sections around the track that were so slippery that you just had to roll around. You really don't want to have to brake, accelerate or even steer on these patches."

The German was happy with the pace that he showed ahead of qualifying though. "That was a very productive day," he remarked. "We tried several different set-up options, to which the car reacted very sensitively. Also, my new race engineer and were on the same wavelength from the word go."



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