Team Great Britain have moved into third place in the championship standings in the A1 Grand Prix after a weekend in Mexico where rivals Brazil failed to score.

Brazil had driver Christian Fittipaldi on driving duties for his second weekend at a circuit where he had raced before whilst Brit Robbie Kerr made his debut at the Parque Fundidora track.

With France and Switzerland off in the distance in terms of championship points the intrigue centred around the third position and Brazil entered the event ahead on points and the pairing found themselves contesting the same piece of track in the Sprint race in an incident where Kerr made a move which saw the Team GBR car spin and the Brazilian car sustain damage which would drop it down the order.

"There was a lot of action going on all the time and it's very tight," Kerr explained to Radio at the end of a day where he finished in eleventh place in the Sprint race and then in sixth in the Feature race. "People are always looking to move forwards and overtake but for ourselves we had a fairly good Sprint race, it's a shame we had a coming together with Brazil," he said.

Kerr would not be drawn on whether he thought anyone was to blame for the incident, or whether he viewed it as a racing incident.

"I haven't seen it back on replay and I'm not going to pass comment until I do," he said. "But all I know is I made the move and I was cleanly alongside and slightly past and I turned into the corner, obviously I was on full lock at the hairpin and we had a coming together."

Despite his spin, Kerr was able to get back in the running to finish an eventual eleventh place in the Sprint, with Brazil coming home in 14th in part due to the damage sustained in the incident.

"You've just got to get your head back down and carry on with it and that's what we did and we were moving forward," said Kerr.

The Feature race was a far better affair for the British car with Kerr working his way cleanly through the order to come home sixth in another race where rivals Brazil failed to score.

"It was a good race, we were overtaking quite a few people in quite a few different places. There's no particular move that stands out, it was just an enjoyable race and it was a good result for the team despite all the little issues that we had," said Kerr whose team now sits on 73 points compared to Brazil's 70.

In the Brazilian car Christian Fittipaldi has his sights on the next outing at the American circuit of Laguna Seca.

"It was a rough day today," he explained. "In the first race we had brake and gearbox problems and we were falling behind. I finished the race just to finish the race but we were struggling.

"In the second race things were looking good but then we had the drive through and it put us to the back. We had a safety car which closed the gap a little and we could make up a few places but there was not enough time to get into the points. We just have to look now to Laguna Seca in two weeks time and work hard to get back third in the championship."



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