A1 Team France strengthened its grip on the World Cup of Motorsport with a double victory at Fundidora Park in Mexico, apparently untroubled by the rest of an increasingly closely-matched field.

Promoted to pole for the sprint race after Stephen Simpson's South Africa car was found to have breached the rules in qualifying, Alex Premat made a solid start to assume immediate control of the 18-lap affair. With only initial pressure from season-long rival Neel Jani to contend with, the Frenchman went on to collect his sixth win of the year, apparently - but not quite - untroubled.

"I am so happy to have won the sprint race," he said, "I made a mistake in the first chicane and Neel almost passed me, but I kept the control and my sprint race was

A repeat performance then added one to both team and driver tally, as Premat led from start to finish to secure the feature race as well. Only a brief period of pressure from Holland's Jos Verstappen threatened to upset the French applecart, but Premat controlled the gap at the front and broke the Dutchman with a spell of quick laps that restored the gap between first and second.

"The feature race was quite straight-forward, though we did have some concerns that the weather might change," Premat said, "Verstappen was pushing quite hard behind me, but I maintained a comfortable gap over him.

"Throughout both races, we suffered from a lack of grip. The car worked well, but it was quite demanding driving on this slippery surface. However, I'm so happy for the team, and- it was fantastic to win in front of so many of our supporters from the French community based in Monterrey."

Premat's feature race took on an unusual twist when he made his pit-stop - as working on the car was none other than team-mate Nicolas Lapierre!

"As part of our strategy, I was the first to pit and my team-mate even helped change my tyres," he confirmed, "He replaced one of our mechanics, who hurt his hand yesterday."



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